Thursday, January 08, 2004


I got all 16 of those questions right.... yes, I'm a geek!

802.11B Update..... The signal is now to my grandmother's back room.... I just need to activate a repeater in there to bounce the signal into her computer. We now know that you apparently cant repeat a repeater so in my aunt's house I have 2 WAP11's ... one is an access point client.... this is receiving the signal from my house.... then on the other side of her basement is another WAP11 which is connected to the first one in her house via a 25ft crossover cable. This WAP11 is acting as a standard access point with a different SSID. Essentially by doing this I am creating a completely seperate wireless network and bridging them in my aunt's house. The signal from that WAP11 is broadcast up to my grandmother's house but her computer does not receive enough signal to connect, however in the next room over, my laptop will connect just fine. I bought another WAP11 today to put in my grandmother's house. This is version 2.6 but it does not have the latest firmware so I decided to swap them. This one with the older firmware does not support repeating. Since neither of the WAP11's are repeaters in my aunt's house I figured that I could back that the AP in my aunt's house and use the one that was there in my grandmother's house. Once I configured it as a repeater is still did not connect to the AP in my aunt's house. I am assuming that to repeat the signal, both WAP11's must be running the new version of the firmware. I ran out of time today so my plan is on Saturday to update the firmware on that WAP11 and hopefully everything will then work. Right now I cant ping either one of those WAP11's in my aunt's house from my computer.... but this may be the way it's supposed to be.... I'm not sure... We'll find out on Saturday and I'll of course give you an update then.

In other news I start my "new" job tommorrow.... I'm going back to Computer Connections to work part-time. I will be working ALL day tommorrow..... working at CCI (Computer Connections Inc) in the morning/afternoon and then Pizza Hut in the evening.... but I need the money so all is good!

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