Sunday, January 25, 2004

I'm going insane!
Trust something that is very hard to gain back once you have lost it. Thats what I'm dealing with right now. Although, I'm not the one trying to gain the trust back, I'm the one hoping someone will gain my trust. Tiff and I are back together.... thats the happiest thing that happened to me this year.... it's been a very rought past few months.... and even tonight I got MORE bad news that I wasnt prepared to deal with.... Tiff has done nothing wrong.... she's been great since we've been back together.... the issue is..... I dont know if *I* can do this. I WANT to do this, but I dont know if I can. After all that has happened.... this is just very tough on me. I have spent most of this day zoning out thinking about Tiff since I am not able to talk to her this weekend. I need ALOT from Tiff right now... and im wondering if she is capable of giving that to me.... I wonder if it's even fair for me to ask that of her. I want this to work so badly. I love Tiffany with all of my heart and I never want to lose her again. I love her enough to give her chance after chance..... I'm just really scared right now.

Now, all of you reading this.... before you say anything to me, SHUT UP! I am venting, and that's all. I am going to get through this no matter which way things turn. I dont want to hear anything about this because I know that the majority of my friends are against Tiffany. I will get through this with God... and the very few friends that I can actually talk to this about.

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