Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I am in some SERIOUS financial trouble right now.... :(

Today wasnt too bad. I got most of my road service calls taken care of. I have one tomorrow.... they arent supposed to give me any more after that. We'll see what happens.

I got to see Gwen today.... that actually gave me a boost.... but why? I dont know... She's just a really sweet girl and I think I am really going to enjoy hanging out with her.

I dont know exactly what all this means with Tiff. I mean, Gwen and I have been talking for about a day.... too early to tell.... but the thing that did happen is this event really opened my mind up. Maybe thats what I needed. I'm now more prepared to move on than I ever was. I'm still open to getting back together with tiff.... but how long that will last, im not sure. If Tiff does want me back, she better do something quick.

Well, I dont know what I'm going to do tonight.... probably just relax for a while. Who knows?

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