Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Hey a blog! :)
Sorry about that.... blogger was down for a bit monday night and I just didnt have time yesterday.
Bowling scores: 209 163 146 Got worse as the night went on.... but I was really sick.... still coming off of the ativan.... I'm still ticked off at the doctors at the hospital.... there was no reason to put me on 4mg of ativan a day.... ativan is only supposed to be taken as needed.... *sigh* My team did win all 7 points tho... and we were bowling the #1 team so that helped us out alot..... got us 14 points closer to first place :)
Bad news tho.... my team mate Jack Williams is dying of cancer.... they arent expecting him to live much longer... actually, they thought he would be gone before Thursday... please pray for a miracle.....
The wireless project is coming along pretty well... gonna cost a bit more than expected but I think I'm actually going to pull it off. I now have a signal in my aunt's house.... I need to add another WAP in her upstairs to bounce that signal to my grandmother's.... then I see about bouncing the signal up the other direction to my uncle's.... why am I doing this? I dunno.... I just want to.... I get no real benefit out of it.... it will save my parents money because we'll be splitting the DSL bill.... it helps whoever gets on the network out because they are getting cheap DSL.... and I just get the satisfaction of saying I have a huge wireless network ... and thats enough for me :) I figure the first hop from my main WAP to the repeater in my aunt's basement is probably 800-1000ft... thats a big guess.... but either way its impressive since 802.11B is rated for 150ft ... Granted, I do have a signal booster on my WAP here at my house but thats still impressive for not using any external antennas....
Thats about all for now.... I have another wireless network to install at Bud's house tonight.... that should go ok tho.

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