Monday, January 26, 2004

Its a little after 2am and I'm still at Pizza Hut. We got dumped with snow.... I estimate 4+ inches in two hours of time... and of course PennDOT did nothing about it. The roads are looking a LITTLE better, especially since we havent got the freezing rain they were calling for yet. Diana is still here with me. I got the schedule written and then Diana and I sat around playing cards and stuff. Adam is on his way to pick up Diana.... if he says the roads are ok, I may just try to go home... if there is a hint of them not being ok, then I'll probably stay. Adam and Diana live in town.... I dont.... and God knows if PennDOT would do anything, it wouldnt be around my house. I guess we'll see what happens.

Tiff update.... it's been an up and down roller coaster. This is alot harder than I expected it to be but I really love Tiffany and it's worth it to me. Its going to be hard for a while to trust her, and Im just thankful that she understands that. Many times I feel like a real ass tho. I look back at my self and wonder why I act(ed) the way I do(did).... This is something that I have to work on... not Tiff. She's been doing a few things to gain my trust back. There are alot of little things though that kind of bug me. Stuff that really is pointless and stupid..... but this is something that I think I need to get past. I dont know.... this whole situation is really tough.... but I know that when (I said when, not if) I/we pull through it, things are going to be great. I love Tiffany with all of my heart. I never stopped loving her..... I hid it for a while because I had to.... but I never really quit. Please keep us in your prayers! We *WILL* get through this.... and it *WILL* be worth it!

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