Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I'm calm....
Things arent better.... but I am calm.... and that is good. Hell with psychiatrists....I can do this on my own.
At least now I have something to do on Saturday.... I'm going skiing with Allison! Can't wait for that.... skiing rocks.... and I wont be by myself.... and ill be with someone who is really cool.... so yaknow :)
I'm going to be ok with everything. God is working everything out.... there is alot on my mind.... but it will work out well...
Thanks to Matt for tonight.... it was a really bad day and he let me work only for a few hours instead of my whole shift.... that was a HUGE help.... I needed some time tonight.
I also think that maybe I have ESP when I write the schedule at Pizza Hut. When I was writting the schedule for tonight I was gonna work the shift but for some reason I decided to put Rick on for one last training shift. Now I know why. Had I not scheduled him for that, I would have been stuck working.... Dont get me wrong... I would have worked without a problem but because of that I was able to go to the funeral home and take some time to sit and think.
The amazing thing.... I still love BOTH of my jobs :)

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