Friday, January 02, 2004

Here is an email update I sent out. If you were not on that list you can read it here!
I just wanted to let everyone know that I went to see a therapist today at the Comprehensive Counseling Center I was in last week. They set me up in the outpaitient program so I will be seeing both counselors and doctors through that program to make sure the medicines I am on are working and also to help me through any other problems I'm working on. Unfortunately this means that I will be dealing with Dr. Gaul less as the CCC program will be taking over the care of my depression medicines. This is probably a good thing but there is just something about being able to go to a doctor, actually give input into what you think may help and then pray together about the decission. I'm going to miss that. But thankfully Dr. Gaul is still my PCP so any other medicines or problems as well as check ups go to him.
I want to thank all of you for your support. Most of you know I have gone through a very rough few weeks and im still not out of the water. I learned very quickly when you go to only one person with your problems you open yourself up for disaster when you lose that person. That is what happened. Each one of you have been extremely supportive. Some have annoyed me at times but I know that your intentions are good. Just a few notes when dealing with me though. First of all, do not put Tiffany down. I still love her very much and what some of you view as a (my) mistake I still do not believe was. There is still hope. I've changed some things and I dont have my mind closed. In having an open mind, that means that my mind must be OPEN, and this also means open to the fact that maybe Tiffany really does still love me. Only time will tell in this situation. Secondly, remember that I now have counselors and doctors working with me to help me with what I need to and shouldnt be doing. Do not interefere with this. They are trained to be able to read my feelings and give input based on that. Thirdly, remember that I have a relationship with Christ. Although at times I need reminded of that, He is still there. I focus on Christ as much as I possibly can and in every one of these crazy situations (especially with Tiffany), I am constantly praying for guidance for everyone involved. Lastly: LISTEN The best way you can help me out is listen when I complain about something. Be very careful about giving me advice. My views on this situation, and on Tiffany herself, differ from most of yours. I want those views to be heard; not changed.
Again, thank you everyone for your support. It is taken when needed and even when I disagree it may be ignored but it helps anyway just knowing that you care enough to give it. Your prayers are the most appriciated.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him....
-Romans 8:28

God Bless everyone!

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