Saturday, January 03, 2004

I'm a risk taker!
.... and I cant wait to hear the criticism when people read this.... but any of my friends that are REALLY my friends will support me.
I just had a very positive talk with Tiffany. She explained some things, and I explained some things. She needs time off..... but her intention is to come back to me. I can understand that she is confused right now..... her parents, jim, me.... anyway.... she wants her time off.... and I am going to give it to her.... she said it probably wont take more than a month so I am giving her a month.... a month of staying true to her.... waiting for her. Why am I doing this? Because I'm in love and Tiffany is more than worth it to me. It really looks like Tiff and I will be back together.

.... and to those people who emailed her negative comments when she was trying to make things as right as possible..... well, lets just say I'm upset with you.... I dont consider that an action in our friendship but an action just to spite someone. I'm dissapointed.... and your lucky that Tiff is refusing to tell me who you are.

Please keep me in your prayers! This is a risk im taking.... but I think it will turn out for the good. Thanks everyone for your support!

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