Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Today was a wild day. Export Fuel is one of my favorite customers at computer connections and they called yesterday with some problems. I decided rather than having someone assigned to them I would be nice and go out myself and help them out. Well, the one day I decide to take a service call, it snows.... and it snows bad. Apparently our manager called all the road techs back in to the store when it started getting bad.... no one called me to tell me.... but thats ok.... when I found out it was too late and the roads were bad already so I just finished the job and drove back to the shop.... very carefully. The roads were HORRIBLE. People were sliding and spinning everywhere. It was nuts. When I got back to the store pretty much everyone had gone home. I finished out my last hour and then headed to Pizza Hut.... roads were still bad. I dont think PennDOT did ANYTHING. Made it there and it was dead. Steve made virtually no dough for the day not to mention the closing waitress called off and he didnt replace her. Turns out he made a good decission, but I was a bit concerned at first. Conditions weren't getting any better. The mall closed at 6, we got a rush and then we were DEAD. We had one order in over an hour's time. I called our area manager and we shut the place down at 8pm. Steve stayed and acted as the closing server, I closed the books and such, and Tim closed the kitchen. We left at around 8:30... and drove VERY carefully home... I was sliding alot on this one road.... slid of the road once..... made it down hannastown hill without a problem tho... that's shocking.
All through this day I was on an up and down roller coaster.... but I am definately up now.... things are rough between me and Tiff... and I think that is very understandable and acceptable at this point in time. I just had alot of things bugging me.... when I got home I vented on Kendra a bit, sent Tiff a few messages and the next thing I knew my phone rang and it was Tiff. This meant more to me than anyone can imagine. I'm not going into details about what was going on between us.... frankly, it just doesnt matter anymore... we are better, everything is fine.... and we didnt let the sun go down on us while we were still angry. I actually think these.... differences of opinion.... are really good for us. Everytime we end one, everything is not only fine, but seems to be better than it was before. I'm confident we're gonna make it!

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