Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Retrevo Search

I always remember that (before lycos bought) hotbot was always the search engine you went to if you were looking for drivers. It lived up to that reputation through webcrawler days, through yahoo days, and even altavista days. Unfortunately, when it was merged with lycos, it lost it's edge. For whatever reason, you could put a part number or a board number into that search engine and you'd end up with relevant information for the actual product you were looking for. If you werent looking for information on a PCI card or some other device, you didnt go anywhere near HotBot.

For the first time since the advent of Google, there is a company that is actually doing something for search that Google does not already do. Check out Retrevo if your looking for information pertaining to a consumer electronics device. It focuses on only those items and works very hard at keeping sites from getting their ads for that product to you -- it gives you the product information and reviews that you are looking for, and only that.

This by no means replaces Google in anyway. If you're looking for anything else on the web, Google is where you want to be. But it's nice to have a focused search for one category of items, such as consumer electronics.

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