Monday, October 16, 2006

I've recently been getting really hooked on YouTube. (For the record, I am happy regarding Google buying YouTube) There is alot of interesting content in this Web 2.0 movement (aka Social Networking) and it's really fun and entertaining to absorb it.... but even more so, I think absorbing this world around us is an important part of us maturing and developing. There are a few key people on YouTube that really make me think. Most of all is the guy who's video I posted above. You can check him out at his profile: boh3m3. A few other people that really make me think: renetto, geriatric1927, etc.

It's so important to look through to the content of what is being said rather than the method of delivery. For instance, if you watch boh3m3's videos you will hear a lot of swearing.... this is because it's his style and it doesnt mean that what he has to say is any less important. These are things that shouldnt have to be said but in my life God has positioned me in between the Christians and Non-Christians it seems. The most important thing for me to encourage people to do is to help them ignore someone's status of religion and just listen to what their heart says. It doesn't matter what religion you are, what gender, what orientation, what family background, what culture, what nationality, etc, etc..... It only matters what is in your heart.

I'm starting to think that in the near future you might start seeing me do some video blogging on YouTube. If I do, it'll mostly be just my thoughts of things around me and not so much my life such as this blog is. Then again, who knows.... just a few weeks ago I had no intentions of even putting any videos on YouTube.... things change.... and most of the time, those changes produce a better life in the future.

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