Saturday, October 28, 2006

At what point did I become so confused and lost? Was it when things got complicated or was it just simply when I started being "normal"?

Complacency is a seemingly safe place to be but mentally it's the worst. You know there is more but everything around you tells you its not where you should go. We have rules all around us and we are expected to follow them and if we don't everyone calls us crazy.

What happened to the Bob Mertz that decided he was going to work at Disney World and moved to Florida only a few months later? Where is the guy that started the 7th grade Bible club at Greensburg Salem Middle School? Where is he?

Maybe the reason I dont have direction in my life isnt because Im not focusing..... maybe its because I'm trying to focus like everyone around me does and I am missing out on the amazing things that God has planned for me because I lost the wild and free spirit that He gave me..... Maybe I am facing fear of not being normal and I'm backing down... scared... confused because I lost sight of what is important.

Where did anyone ever get by following the crowd? Maybe they made it to "the top" but what is the point being at the top.... If your at the top, all you get to do is look out over the land and see those who pressed on..... They are moving down that broken road and you watch them going into the sunset while you are still in the same town. You havent gained anything except the ability to see what you didnt take.

There was an incredible quote in the movie "Flicka"..... "Everyone writes a story in their mind that eventually becomes their life. If you don't write it and follow it, someone else will". I guess the question is whether you want to follow your heart or if your going to follow the rules and regulations that other people impose on you..... regulations that were designed without YOUR heart in mind. Do we want to follow what God gives us or do we want to pay more attention to our friends, siblings, parents, and every other human tells us?

Sometimes it's the wild and free spirit that makes us fall in love with someone.... and sometimes its our own wild and free spirit that makes us fall in love with life.

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