Thursday, October 19, 2006

Back in the BBS days we (sysops) had a saying: "You called this BBS. It didnt call you"

I guess the same is true with my blog.... This is who I am and Im going to be brutally honest on here because its what Im about. If you dont like it, dont come here.

I have flaws... I have alot of them. The brutal truth there is Im about as worthless as can be.... I have the worst struggle keeping my eyes on God and I sink so so many times just like Peter when he was walking on water. I screw up daily; no, I screw up hourly..... multiple times an hour. I am a slave in this carnal body.... I wish I wasnt human but the fact remains that I am.

I have alot going through my mind right now. That may mean a long blog later... but it might not as well. Aside from the mental processes going on, Im really feeling physically sick. I think I pushed myself a little to far in all that I was doing... about a half hour ago I thought I was going to pass out.... so that may lead me straight to bed when I get home and prevent me from blogging.

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