Tuesday, October 03, 2006

For the past few weeks I have been enjoying the wholsome goodness of Sweet and Salty Caramel Bugles. Initially I had the "ewww" thought but I bought a back... The only downfall to me purchasing this bag was the almost instant crack-like addiction that I developed. Last night I faced a horrible fear as I bought the last bag that the Shell station here had and that I could not find any more in this area. This evening, I nearly fainted when I walked into said Shell and the rack that my Caramel Bugles were on now housed Salsa Bugles.... The thought of never being able to enjoy that amazing flavor that I had experienced, I had considered doing the worst! I immediately emailed General Mills and asked them where I could find these snacks. Just now my friend Jodi has given me some comfort in the finding of this link:

Sweet & Salty Caramel Bugles

It appears that it was announced less than 24 hours ago that General Mills is introducing these snacks.... The only thing I can hope is that I had experienced the beta testing of these wonderful wonderful snacks and that the world is now about to experience them as well!

If you see these on the shelves of your local conveince or grocery store, buy many of them... MANY of them... if you dont like them then please let me know and I will provide you with my shipping address so that I can assist in this matter.

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