Sunday, October 29, 2006

(23:23:46) jodi: i kind of don't know what gopher is
(23:23:51) jodi: i've heard of it
(23:23:55) jodi: i know it's old school
(23:23:59) jodi: but i don't know what it is
(23:28:03) bobkmertz: the old web
(23:28:12) bobkmertz:
(23:29:08) jodi: hrm, okay
(23:29:21) jodi: thanks :)
(23:30:38) bobkmertz: np
(23:30:45) bobkmertz: I actually started using the internet with gopher
(23:31:30) bobkmertz: then I found a big book called "The Internet Yellow Pages" and the web was soooooo much more user friendly
(23:31:38) bobkmertz: and then came WebCrawler and the web was great
(23:31:48) bobkmertz: and AOL saw webcrawler and saw that it was good
(23:32:11) bobkmertz: so AOL bought webcrawler on the 7th day so that the world could rest by not being able to have something functional
(23:32:45) jodi: heh
(23:33:14) bobkmertz: then Digital Equipment saw that the web sucked again and teamed up for AltaVista
(23:33:39) bobkmertz: many other companies created search engines which were good
(23:33:50) bobkmertz: Compaq buys DEC and AltaVista begins to sucketh
(23:34:04) bobkmertz: Lycos realizes that search engines are great and work so they buy them all
(23:34:18) bobkmertz: And in the end times, it is said that there will come something great that will bring peace
(23:34:23) bobkmertz: Google has now come
(23:34:25) bobkmertz: and there is peace

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