Sunday, October 08, 2006

Just in case anyone thought that AOL doesnt still have a market, here is a good reminder:

2:34:13 PM im18fromva: hey whats up
2:34:30 PM bblboy54: hi
2:35:30 PM im18fromva: you got a pic i dont remember what you look like
2:35:49 PM bblboy54: do you have myspace?
2:36:07 PM im18fromva: yeah
2:36:14 PM bblboy54:
2:38:06 PM bblboy54: whats yours?
2:39:13 PM im18fromva: i know you you live in green ligh right
2:39:35 PM bblboy54: huh?
2:40:02 PM im18fromva: n/m
2:40:10 PM bblboy54: whats your myspace link?
2:40:49 PM im18fromva: brb
2:40:54 PM bblboy54: wtf
2:41:28 PM im18fromva: i got to get it
2:41:31 PM im18fromva: damn
2:41:32 PM bblboy54: ok
2:43:40 PM im18fromva: n/m your ugly
2:44:23 PM bblboy54: wow.... your intelligent
2:45:01 PM bblboy54: what can I expect from an AOL user
2:45:33 PM im18fromva: lol vary funny but im rich
2:45:36 PM im18fromva: your not
2:48:36 PM im18fromva: and your to poor for me to talk to you
2:49:31 PM bblboy54: am I concerned?
2:49:48 PM bblboy54: do you think that I'm hurt because some 18 year old from virginia won't talk to me?
2:50:15 PM im18fromva: sweetie im to rich to talk to you
2:50:29 PM bblboy54: then I'm curious as to why you are still talking to me
2:50:51 PM im18fromva: cause you wont stop iming me
2:51:02 PM bblboy54: haha
2:51:27 PM bblboy54: obviously money doesnt buy intelligence because it'd be pretty easy for you to stop IM'ing me
2:51:43 PM bblboy54: but in all honesty
2:51:53 PM bblboy54: you're probably very intelligent....
2:51:56 PM im18fromva: stop iming me
2:52:07 PM im18fromva: i am
2:52:10 PM bblboy54: hey, you started the conversation
2:52:41 PM im18fromva: thats b4 i knew you was ugly
2:52:50 PM bblboy54: LMAO
2:53:01 PM im18fromva: you r
2:53:31 PM bblboy54: failed english?
2:54:24 PM bblboy54: im not out to make you feel bad because I'm just not about that
2:54:28 PM bblboy54: and I'm sorry that you are
2:54:43 PM bblboy54: but you're foolish to think that your the only one without faults
2:55:07 PM im18fromva: no
2:55:20 PM im18fromva: how old r you
2:55:25 PM bblboy54: 26
2:56:15 PM im18fromva: and you still act like a kid the bad
2:56:48 PM bblboy54: too funny
2:56:55 PM bblboy54: but its ok
2:57:02 PM bblboy54: I've had my fun for the day.... thanks :)
im18fromva blocked by bblboy54 (2:57:34 PM)

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