Friday, October 06, 2006

I dont understand some of the small restraunt owners around here.... especially in the mall food court. We live in a world where everything is electronic so why is it that people are trying to make it a pain to purchase products without cash? There was always the debate about using credit cards because of that first word: credit..... but now we have debit cards and I know I am not alone by never having cash on me.

So I understand that a business owner gets charged for a transaction but is the cost of that transaction worth losing business over? I really wonder if they realize how much business they dont get. Sure you might spend $20 per day in credit card transactions but is that a bad thing if it brought you an extra $50 for the day's sales? Some businesses have learned this and they install a credit card machine - but dont expect to pay by credit card if your buying something small. Are you serious? Considering that many people in the mall often want to buy just a drink to have while they walk around so you just lost that business... add to that the fact that a $1.50 pop (soda) cost the business less than 10 cents and you realize just how stupid the business owner is..... And on that thought about pop.... what in the world is the deal with not having free refills? In that pop that someone bought that cost the business 8 cents, only 1 or 2 cents of that was the actual beverage! Its another thing I wonder if they realize the business they lose. When I go to the mall and get food, I always buy my drink at Chick-Fil-A.... Im not going to spend almost $2 for a drink and then another 50 cents to get something that is worth one cent.

So that is my rant for now..... :)

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