Sunday, June 11, 2006

When am I going to learn? Someone asks how I am so I decide to be honest and say I'm not doing well... then they ask why because apparently they want to act like they care. This is the point where I should just shut up and not say anything... actually, I shouldnt even tell people I'm not doing well... they cant help... but they want to ACT like they can help... but I know they cant yet they insist... I finally give in and tell them and they say nothing.... I ask why they say nothing and they say "well, there isnt anything I can do" or "I dont know what to say" ... well, then.... just keep your mouth shut in the first place.... instead, you make you me spill my guts and then you leave me feeling worse than when the conversation started.

Here's a new idea... BE MY FRIEND and dont think you can fix my problems.....

ahh hell, I dont know what I'm saying..... I want help, yet I want people to leave me alone.... why cant I just have regular friends? Why cant I just be a normal person?

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Stephen McGuire said...

Caring doesn't always mean that they can fix a problem, nor does fixing a problem mean they care.

Friends ask those questions mainly because they do care. Sure there are exceptions.

However, if I don't ask how you're doing how do I know if I can help or not? And if I asked and it turns out that I can't was that really a bad thing?

Couple of verses that jumped out at me today:


With prayers,