Friday, June 02, 2006

Just a little vent here....

We all know there are spammers out there.... And thats something that we just have to deal with unfortunately... But what really irritates me even more than that are the "legitimate" companies that directly spam you because you are or were a customer of theirs and they refuse to make their opt-out systems work properly (which is probably intentional). Right now, there are two companies that this is specifically the case that are really irritating me and I will never use their services again as a result.

The first is 000Domains who was a registrar that I used to use that was awesome. They were bought out by Dotster and immediately went down the tubes. I transfered everything away from them and no matter what I can not get them to quit spamming me. I have clicked their opt out links and emailed them personally. They dont care.... they just keep spamming. I once did get a response from them and they told me that I had a domain with them so there since I am using their services they reserve the right to send me any type of email they desire. After transfering my final domain away from them, I still cant get them to stop.

The second is the great "good-deal scam" of Columbia House. I once got my CDs from them and I no longer have an account -- in fact, I havent had one in over 5 years -- yet they keep spamming me. I cant get anyone's attention... and of course their opt-out links dont work either. As above, you can click the opt-out link all you want and it'll tell you your unsubscribed but you never are... they just keep spamming you.

So to everyone reading this, I urge you to never support these companies. These are direct violations of the CAN-SPAM act which means these companies can be prosecuted if anyone feels like it. If they are willing to break the law here, who's to say they arent breaking other laws and violating your privacy?

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