Sunday, June 04, 2006

So Matt came down today and we ended up going into DC and hanging out. We had an absolute great time... Honestly, this was the first time since 7th grade that I actually just went sight-seeing in DC and it really is a beautiful city. We walked around Judiciary Square and then headed to walk through the mall and then saw the white house, lincoln memorial, korean war memorial, and some others.... On the way back on the Metro we ran into a family that was visiting from Tennesse.. It was nice to talk to them and stuff.... All in all, it was really awesome to be able to just relax and get away from computers for a while....

Apparently I either forgot about or didnt know about Becca's going away party... I had a message on my IM when I got home.... its strange that no one mentioned it to me again even if I did know but I guess I really havent seen anyone since a week or so ago.... Either way, it sucks.... but I did have a good time today and I really needed it. I really can't believe there is only 2 days left of Becca being here :( ... At least I will see her in church tomorrow... I know some people mentioned possibly meeting her at the airport but I dont know if thats happening or not.... Either way, I'm gonna miss her alot.

Well, Matt's already asleep and I really need to get to sleep too... only had 4 hours of sleep this morning and I definately want to make church tomorrow.

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