Friday, June 02, 2006

Ok so I got somewhat of a bonus yesterday and my normal instinct is to pay ahead on a bill somewhere.... But this time, Best Buy had something on sale that I always thought was cool and I decided to splurge and actually buy an outright toy for myself... This evening I was fighting back the thoughts that I shouldnt have but I'm really enjoying it.... lots of entertainment value in this product:

Robosapien V2

I have been playing with it a bit.... and so far I have really enjoyed it with the exception of this is easily the worst product ever to unbox. They had this robot tied into the box in ways that Mr. Rubix himself could not have thought of..... Once I got it out of the box and got the ungodly amount of batteries in it (this thing takes 6 'D' batteries and 4 'AAA' batteries in the robot and 3 'AAA' batteries in the controller) he was moving around almost instantly. Still learning some of the commands.... in some ways, to me, it seems like he may be doing things slightly backwards than what he should but im going to look into that... it may just be me not understanding how the thing fully works. The controller for this thing is to be compared to an Xbox controller or something.... it can do an awful lot so I guess it needs the buttons so that you can communicate all of that to it. Sure isnt the days of the Atari Joystick :)

Either way, its a fun toy and its probably the first time I actually bought myself an actual "toy" in a long while. I've also calmed down a good bit from earlier.... But I honestly dont know if people realize how much pressure they put on me... especially the people that I hook up with free stuff and actually pay for things to make their computers run easy. There are alot of people that respect that I am busy and that when I do something for them it is taking time out of other things that I should be doing -- those people I love helping out. But there are also people that call me and just need it fixed NOW... Even things that I dont have control over I'm supposed to just magically fix. Most of them are in PA and I guess maybe up there they really dont have a concept of how much stuff I actually do down here in VA. There is nothing wrong with asking me for help... I enjoy helping people.... but you have to understand that I cant just drop everything.... and you also have to be thankful for what I do do.... not to mention not calling me over every little detail without trying something on your own (for instance, reboot the thing first). Its hard to understand how my church has so much respect for me that even when their mission-critical systems are down they tell me "when you have time" and how my friend Bud up at EHC has a company relying on critical computer systems and yet he has enough respect to know that I am busy.... then I have family and friends that expect me to drop everything so they can surf the web and if I dont fix it its all my fault and I screwed it up in the first place.... or worse yet those people that never freaking talk to me until they break something. I'm just handy to have my number in their phone in case they need some computer help but God forbid they call me and say "hey, how are you doing"..... and if only some of these people would learn the boy that cried wolf story.... call me and make everything an emergency and when you have a real emergency I'll assume its just another stupid little thing and not work hard to correct something for you. All I ask is for a little respect and people caring about me a little bit.... just a little bit.

Well, I'm gonna head home again and maybe play with my robot for a bit and then head to bed. There are people that need my help tomorrow... people that actually care about me and that I enjoy helping more than anything in the world.... that would be my church..... and if my grandmother lived closer she'd be the next person I would help because I know she loves me and actually appriciates the help I give her... and I know that she respects the fact that I am busy.... That means more to me than anyone could ever imagine..... if only others cared about me and respected me like that.

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