Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'm having trouble falling asleep. Today I made the decission to stop supporting a family member with computer stuff. I have never in my life done this and its eating me ... But yet, I know I can't go on helping. What is really hurting me (moreso) is that this affects my grandmother's ability to get internet.... And my grandmother is one of the most paitient and understanding people I know.... Because of that I will work very hard to get her internet but it just sucks that shes going to go without for a while.

This is all killing me.... I don't want to deal with this.... I can't.. But I need to. I can't say no but I have to.... But I don't want to.... This just isn't fair.... I want to help.... I really do.... But I can't...

Why can't people just respect other people rather than take advantage of them? People tell me a lot that they think I am a really great person - why do only a handful of people act like it? :(

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