Sunday, June 25, 2006

Last night was awesome! CPLUG (my linux group - see had their monthly game night. It's been a really long time since I had been to a LAN party and it really was a blast. We mostly played UT2K4.... well, thats all I played since thats all I could get running.... but keep in mind I only had about an hour to get a laptop running and it had a VIA Graphics Chip so, yea, that kind of limits your ability to do alot.

So anyway, I got to Mechanicsburg, PA (where it was at) a little after 6. We went to dinner and then we played until about 4am.... and then I made the drive home... got home about 6:30 and hit my bed. Of course, I didnt make church but I kind of figured that was going to happen. Yea, it sucked that I missed it but honestly, it was one of those situations where it was worth it because I hadnt got away in a while to just do something fun.... and last night really was fun.

.... I guess now its back to the grind.... but even with getting only a little sleep, I feel pretty darn good. Its amazing how much taking a little time for yourself can make you feel so much better.

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