Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dear Me,
I already know how you've because I am within
You ask exisitance or conscience or ideas
Whatever makes you me but I love to help
Please rely on me before you say "Goodbye"

Before you say "goodbye" should I say "goodbye"?

Anyways, I wish the best
Let's go
Take a look inside of me
There's no words I can write to know what it's like
So read on intently
You will face a number of disturbing thoughts
Yelling matches and culture shocks
Truth is fiction, a lot of confusion
Maybe some addictions, but don't give up
Oh yeah, it gets worse
All the way to the nursing home
Memories are spilling
Actual lies, surprise, it's unfulfiling
Trust me on this
No crime is as bad as meaninglessness
Your will will wither
And intense fear may begin to flutter
In the pit where the butterflies fly
Before you say "goodbye"


The truth of it is that there are a lot of miracles in medicine
You will get to know them well
Well haven't you grown?
Now on your own
Independence was the goal, now you miss home and sick
A relationship may save you or enslave you
Count on both to happen
Trapped in decisions, wrapped in ambiguity
You and me unfashion the answers with action
I'm behind your passion for life
I don't want you cash in yet
It's to easy to be content with with apathy
And disbelief in even me
I'd love to help, so please rely on me
Before you say 'goodbye"



"Letter to Myself" by Furthermore

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