Friday, June 09, 2006

Do you want to know a good way to fall in love?
Just associate all your pleasant experiences with someone,
and disassociate from all the unpleasant ones....Richard Bandler.

Did you ever just spill out a story to someone that you never really realized yourself and after looking at something in a different light, you really just want to kick yourself?

06/09 [14:22] bblboy54: I love someone very much that I completely ruined a relationship with
06/09 [14:23] bblboy54: and it was because I was so obsessed with losing her that she never saw that I loved her.....
06/09 [14:23] bblboy54: and the same was true the other way too
06/09 [14:23] bblboy54: and now I sit here wishing to God that she knew how I felt..... but I have no ability to show her
06/09 [14:24] bblboy54: there are pros and cons to every relationship
06/09 [14:24] bblboy54: I let the cons cover up the pros
06/09 [14:24] bblboy54: and its supposed to go the other way
06/09 [14:25] bblboy54: and honestly
06/09 [14:25] bblboy54: maybe there are more cons than pros
06/09 [14:25] bblboy54: but are the pros worth it anyway
06/09 [14:26] bblboy54: I can think of a lot more cons than I can pros
06/09 [14:26] bblboy54: but she loved me.... hardcore.... she REALLY cared about me and was probably the *ONLY* person that ever did
06/09 [14:26] bblboy54: I could stack 20 cons against that and it would win
06/09 [14:26] bblboy54: and I realize this all now..... but its too late
06/09 [14:27] bblboy54: i was too obsessed with changing her cons and making her who I thought she should be

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