Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bush: Time to ban gay marriage

Will someone make this man shut up before he make more of an ass out of himself?

Ok... Marriage... to me, it is the union of a man and a woman and you're not going to convince me otherwise because this is a core value of mine... but because its a core value of mine does not mean that it is of the next person. I cant understand how people think they can change someone by pushing them into some type of legal compliance. This is *NOT* the government's job -- especially not the federal government. Furthermore, do people honestly believe that making gay marriage illegal is going to change anything? Homosexuals will still have relationships and there is nothing anyone can (or should) do to change that. All we do is push what we dont like underground because if we dont see it, it doesnt exist. Is this how people feel better about themselves? Is it easier for people to walk down the street knowing that they completely destroyed someone's life all because they didnt see eye to eye with them? Then, as humans, we have the nerve to ask why we can't all get along.

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