Saturday, June 17, 2006

Every now and then God gives me a day that He reveals things to me in ways that I never expect. Living without a schedule is rough sometimes so every now and then God just forces me into a day where I relax and learn something important.

It started by sleeping till 5pm without even raelizing it. This is something that I definitely needed. For some reason I decided to watch Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and God showed me some very important things. Finally I went to eat and while I was there I decided that I hadn't been to a movie in a while so I left there to go see "cars". That movie also really hit me.

Sometimes.... Well, all the time..... We live our lives just to make it to our next assignment. In the movie Sally said cars used to drive the road not to make time but to have a good time".... And there is a lot of truth in that. We push ourselves so much that we have no time to enjoy anything. Sometimes God has to alow bad things to happen to us to force us to relax.. Sometimes He uses other ways.... But He shouldn't have to force us at all....

The movie ends and I walk outside and my Samurai is sitting there in the parking lot.... Remind me of, of course, Mater (for those that saw the movie) But yaknow, anything Mater did gave him a good time. It not about having the fastest or the most reliable vehicle sometimes...... Its about having a good time. God really impressed on me, again, that I am where I need to be. He really showed me that even some of the simplest goals that we have may be more important than those big goals. They are all important but sometimes when you get so focused on serving that you forget about yourself. Many times, those little goals are the ones for what you want. Years ago when I sold my Samurai I decided that I would try to buy one again later. That's a goal I forgot about. Last year, when someone pulled into the data center with one, I didn't realize that it was appointed by God. God made a dream of mine come true. Many people make fun of my sammy but no one understands the enjoyment that it brings me. And yaknow, had someone not backed into my Elantra this week and cause me to bring my sammydown here to VA, I souldnt be sitting here with my samurai idling.... Sounding like its going to fall apart.... And enjoying every single moment of it.

The point is never what car you drive or where you live... The point is whether you are happy or not. And I'm as close as one can get, I think. I'm doing things for my church that are part of a huge vision/dream that I have had. I'm paying my bills.... And I own a samurai. It doesn't sound like much but its worth a lot more than making $100k and driving a ferrari to me Its not about being famous.

People ask me all the time why I do so much for my church without any reinbursement. What those people don't realize is that I have all the reinbursement in the world... Its just not money. People (especially in NoVA) can't comprehend being happy without money, but yet, few are happy.

I have everything I need and I even have almost all I could want. As for the last thing I want - she'll come. When God says I'm ready, I'm going to find (or re-find) the girl of my dreams. Until then, I will do my best to focus on what God has given me. If that's serving my church or just driving around in my Samurai, then I will thank God for giving me those desires of my heart. Ill try not to ask God why He hasn't given me my other desires - because He is working on making them even better than I dreamed.

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