Sunday, June 04, 2006

Verizon: How can I help you?
Me: I need my username and password for my DSL account
Verizon: Your account is still pending in the system
Me: Why did I get an email saying it was ready?
Verizon: Well, did you set up your username and password yet?
Me: Thats what I'm calling you for!
Verizon: Ok, did you install your CD yet?
Me: No, I'm running Linux
Verizon: Well, you need to set up your account so if you could open up Internet Explorter
Me: I dont have Internet Explorer. I am running Linux which is the opposite of Windows and Macintosh
Verizon: Ok, well then you need to install your CD
Me: I dont run windows so I cant use your CD. All I need is my username and password.
Verizon: Well, you havent set that up yet so I need you to open up Internet Explorer.
Me: How am I going to set it up on the internet without being able to login?
Verizon: We need to configure your modem.
Me: I dont have a router. I just have a regular DSL modem. How does one configure a modem?
Verizon: I need you to open internet explorer.
Me: Is this just a web configuration? Will Firefox work?
Verizon: No, you need to open Internet Explorer.
Me: Can I talk to a supervisor please?

Supervisor gets on the phone and says to give him one second. Within 1 min I had a username and password given to me over the phone... Amazingly this was a username and password that WAS generated for me and DID NOT need to be created by me, even if I did run the software.

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