Sunday, June 04, 2006

Imagine that being good enough for God is being able to swim across the potomac. Some could do it - many can't. The reality is being good enough for God is like swimming from California to Hawaii. Those who are olympic swimmers will do well as will those in decent shape. The people in real trouble are those in wheelchairs and with broken legs. Actually - no one will make it. But suppose a cruise ship came along and offered a free ride to Hawaii for anyone that wanted. If this was the reality, who would make it to Hawaii - those in wheelchairs. Why? Because they are the ones that KNOW the can't do it. Those who are trained have the idea to try ... They pass up the offer and die.

This is reality. Those who are proud will not make it. Its those that are humble will be the ones that make it to Heaven.

We may not know how it works. How does the ship propel? Why is the captain offering this? The only thing that matters is the promise of where we are going. And with God we only need to know the Promise.

Proverbs 18:12 - Before destruction the heart of man is haughty; And before honor [goeth] humility.

I pray that somehow all of Gods followers realize that we don't have the answer; that we don't understand how the ship runs - but that we realize that we only know the promise and it is someone else's promise we need to tell others about. When we recommend a product to a friend, we don't understand how that product is made but we understand what it does for us. We reffer those people to the company that makes that product.


Goddess Cassandra said...

I think a better question would be why would we swim to Hawaii at all? And an even better question would be, why would god make us so that we fail?

Bob K Mertz said...

If we were in a constant state of happiness and nirvana, what would excitement feel like? Happiness can't exsist without sadness -- or we become robots because without differing emotions, we have no emotions.

I'm not in a place to question God... Why would we swim to Hawaii? I dunno... Every choice is up to each person. The post I made was directed at those who might read it that are Christians and it was encouragement to them. It was not to convince anyone that God exsists or that He doesnt. This is what I believe and you believe what you will... We are all part of this earth and I respect everyone for their choices in what they believe in. This is what makes our world interesting. It irritates me when people are intollerant of others because they believe or live a different way. This is our world and it is for all of us.