Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So I got another email from Carpathia that was positive. I was told that they were sorry for accusing me and just wanted to make sure everything was in the clear and hoped that I wasnt offended being asked what I was asked.

How do I take this? I dont really know what to think. Out of 3 key people in the company, one really enjoyed me working there and appriciated me, one absolutely hated me, and the third completely did whatever felt good at the moment (one day hated me and the next loved me). How should I take this? There have been alot of scary things when I worked for them and now even more scary things are brought up after I leave. I am relieved that they took my word for me that I wasnt violating any contract.... I wasnt violating it nor do I have any intention of doing it. I'm not stupid and I still do have a decent amount of concern for Carpathia.... the unfortunate thing is that the more things come up, the less comfortable I am with Carpathia.

For now I guess I just ignore and move on.... but I cant help but wonder if "something else" will come up eventually.

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Stephen McGuire said...

One true fact of every company is that the last guy to leave gets blamed for EVERYTHING that goes wrong. Whether true or false it doesn't matter, it's just what happens.

In my opinion, unless you have done something illegal, the former company has no buisness contacting you regarding your employment. Therefore you are not obliged to respond, comment or even respond.

I also believe that if you reply you do so at your own risk.

Therefore upon the next contact regarding an "issue" my response would be that all future responses need to be in writing sent via certified mail. Once received you would respond in kind.

If your instincts tell you something is wrong then most likely it is. Add in the fact that you have people there with varying attitudes about you combine that with the fact above and you have every reason to avoid contact with them.

Glad to hear you've moved on, give us an update as you get settled etc.