Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Well, aside from someone intentionally trying to upset me regarding Valentine's day, I made it through. In all honesty, my objection to this day isnt just because I'm single. Granted, that is a huge part of it.... especially when you add to the fact of how much my heart has been broken.... but the big thing is, why does there have to be a day that you love your girlfriend/boyfriend more? Shouldnt this be an every day thing? All Valentine's day does is make people become something that they arent and people who are single feel like someone they arent. It's really a horrible day, I think. Whenever I find that special girl, of course I will celebrate with her.... but it doesnt mean that I won't still object to the holiday.

Maybe next year I can be next to that special girl... but even so, it doesnt mean that others wont be in the position that I am in now.

I'm glad this day is over for another year. I've been hurt so badly in the last year.... my heart is again in a million pieces and all I can do is try to clean them up again.....

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