Friday, February 17, 2006

So I think its a pretty agreed upon thing that the primary goal of satan
is to deceive those that follow God and to hide everyone from what is
true. I've been watching a Discovery Channel show and a lot of things
have been occuring to me. First of all, nature is a pretty amazing
things. The Bible tells us that the heavens and the earth are designed
as a testimony to Gods power.... So wouldn't it make sense that satan
would want to hide these wonders? Wouldn't it make sense that God would
want His creation revealed to us? Its a proven fact that things exsist
in history exceed the technology that we posses. We know the story of
Jonah and Ninevah. We know that entire civilizations were corrupt. We
know the story of the tower of babel. But many of also know at least a
small bit of greek mythology. Has anyone ever thought to link the 2
together? Another thing to think about is the use of psychics in trying
to find missing history such as Atlantis. In the early 1900s a psychic
predicted Atlantis would be found in 1968 near the bermuda triangle.
Why would a psychic, who would be agreed by many to be led by satan,
want to reveal the beauty of something in history? I think the answer
may be simple... If satan wants to deceive us, isn't highly possible
that the purpose of psychics is only to act as "misinformants"?

What are the secrets of the earth? What other beautiful things has God
created for us that we have yet to see? I think we have only begun to
scrape the surface of some amazing and wonderous things. How many of
these things were created before Noah? Knowing how extremely vile the
people were before the flood, we know that many things had to be wiped
out. There were the Nephilem that many believe to have been super human
and many of those believe they were a race of humans mated with demons.
No matter what angle you believe, things were definately very
interesting before the flood. I'm sure technology beyond our
imagination exsisted before the great flood.... Technology that was
wiped out and remains hidden for us to find it centuries later.

There is a huge testimony of God surrounding us if we open our eyes. It
can be found in the industries we work in.... It can be found in our
friends and family... It can be found cuddling up with that special
someone and watching the stars. We have seen it our whole lives but I
think we are on the verge of seeing some amazing testimony.... More than
has ever been imagined.

This truly is an exciting time to be alive.

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