Saturday, February 04, 2006

So I think this has to be said. First of all, I am a Republican which I think almost everyone knows.... and yes, I did vote for Bush. Quite honestly, Bush could really screw up bad and I think he still is a better option than Kerry was.... I really support(ed) Bush very strongly. He is a real person (as real as any president we've seen so far, anyway)..... He doesnt try to waiver his Faith in order to comply with what people perceive.... The war in Iraq is a big issue to many people but I honestly think Bush has been handling it very well.

What has to be said then? Well, quite honestly.... he is starting to scare me. I dont know if anyone has heard about the anti-porn bills and anti-porn fight, etc... as well as the subpoenas on companies such as search engines like Google, Yahoo, Etc..... There are a lot of porn sites that have been shut down as the result of Bush's fight.... now, the issue isnt that the porn sites have been shut down in my eyes.... the issue is our privacy as US citizens. We really honestly are being invaded and it's not good. Whether you support the moral fight or not isnt the issue. Bush believes in fighting the porn industry and I won't argue with that. My life has been harmed by porn and it isnt generally a upright industry.... but the thing is, you can not invade our privacy in order to fight it. Google, thankfully, has stood up to this issue. This actually paints an even better picture of the Google policy than I had before.... they are willing to stand up to our government to protect our rights. I think any tech person knows that Google has more information on us than we could even imagine.... and to me, the fact that they have that information isn't so much of a concern of mine as is what they do with it. They have information for the purpose of benefiting the same people they have the information on.... So far, Google has not shown any signs of using that information for anything that would harm anyone.... however, I dont know that I trust the government with alot of that information.... and if the Bush administration gets their way, thousands and thousands and maybe even millions of pieces of information on us is going directly to the government's hands. Our privacy is being invaded in serious ways and I dont care if everything else you do or are doing is right, you automatically lose a huge point in my book if you invade my privacy. The US Government has been over stepping it's boundaries for way too long and we've dealt with it..... but its starting to go entirely too far.

So, Bush.... I've supported you for a very long time in things that most people didnt.... and I still support almost everything you are doing and have done.... but you MUST stop over stepping.... you must protect my right to privacy and you must protect my right to free speech. These are fundamental values of the foundation of the United States and they are just as important to me as the religious freedom rights that I have.

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The issue here is not how badly we are at threat from terrorists.... its not what minor can access pornography, and as much as I hate to exclude this, it isnt even what child porn is on the net. The issue is our privacy. For the record, child porn is wrong and anyone who produces it should have their balls cut off and thrown in jail for life.... And minors should not be able to access pornography but it's not the government's job to make sure that doesnt happen... it is the FAMILY'S job to protect those children. Whether pornography is right or wrong morally, it is still legal and it is still covered by free speach.... It is not the job of the government to protect us morally... it is the job of the government to run this nation.... Sure there are terroristic threats but you can't hide behind that and all of a sudden say that they need to know every single thing that every US citizen is thinking... That is going way across the line. Our government has enough technology to monitor terrorists without having to read all of our minds. There is always a threat... and whether you can read my mind or not, there is still a threat. The acts that the government and (right now) the Bush administration have been taking are invading our privacy without probable cause.

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