Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Well, its officially valentine's day.... sucks huh? Honestly, there is no day worse than this day. Its a day to make every person who is single feel like complete crap because no one likes them. I have had some good relationships that lasted for a while.... and, well, in my history, well over half of them dumped me within 2 months before Valentine's day..... I remember one girl I was gonna marry.... what was her name? Oh yea, it was like Tiff or something like that..... I knew her once.... but no matter what was said about how much she would always care, she left me... not only did she leave me, but she hurt me more than anyone else. At this point, I dont even care about a relationship.... I just can't believe that she lied to me about always wanting to be my friend, etc. People who can't even say "hi" to someone that supposedly meant so much to them... I dont understand it... well, whatever.... this day is full of hell for me... I hate it but I'll live through it.

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