Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This is a repost from my blog in Feb 2004

Bob K Mertz FAQ - Valentine's Day

Have you ever had a girlfriend on Valentine's Day?
Once. Out of many, I had one girlfriend on Valentine's Day, however, she was forbidden to see me therefore it really shouldn't count. (Note that since then, I did have Tiff on one Valentine's day so the accurate reading is 2 girlfriends out of many)

Typically when do you lose your girlfriends?
Usually within one month of Valentine's day -- always before. Many times this happens the week or two before Valentine's day, and in one instance, the day before.

What is with you wearing black on Valentine's Day?
After everything that I have been through when it comes to relationships, this seems to be one way that I can show my anger towards something that continually hurts me. If a Valentine's day comes along that I actually have a stable relationship with a girl, I will then, and only then, not wear black.

If you could have one thing for Valentine's day, what would it be?
Unconditional love. Honesty. I would want to know that I am just as important to my girlfriend as she is to me. Material things are worthless. I want true love.

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