Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well I met with Scotty today. I was actually pretty impressed with the way things were handled.... They also offered me a decent salary but at this point, Equinix will be the same salary but will pay me differential for the night shift plus its hourly and there is overtime built in to the schedule. I will also have better benefits with them. I really am going to miss working for Carpathia but I think its time I moved on.... Sure I'm still considering staying but I think I'm gonna move on.

I'm still waiting to hear something from Rackables..... And I did hear from Telos and they hired someone internally but they said they definately want to keep my resume on file because my interview went really well. I think the Dell thing is gone but who knows.... I never heard one way or another for sure.

Things are going to be very interesting in the next couple of weeks.... I know ill be taken care of.... God is in control.

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