Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ok... This irony is killing me. If you look at the Bible Code
(searching the old testament using ELS) you first develope the matrix of
the code. This is basically vertical rows of letters much like a
crossword puzzle. Quite honestly, this is a little over my head (at
least for now) but the thing that gets me is thinking about a hit
movie.... Known as "The Matrix" ... The irony that gets me is that the
movie is completely based on the story line of the Bible (this is by the
writers' admission as well as concrete fact). Not only the story line
but the entire movie has people reading Kthe matrixK which is streaming
words that also resemble crossword puzzles. What does this mean?
Probably nothing :) but you have to admit that its weird of the
inverse nature between the two.... And its something to think about....
What's the source of the Bible code? Not really sure, but it is
certainly intriguing.

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