Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So going to the mall tonight was a bad idea I guess. Thanksgiving is fast approaching and even tho it is my favorite holiday it does mean that its the start of the official holiday season. Now don't get me wrong.... I absolutely love that time of year..... But there is one thing that gets me some years and there is absolutely no indication that that won't be an issue this year.... And going to the mall for dinner tonight kicked off the reality of this after seeing the Christmas decorations go up and the couples walking around. Lonliness is creeping in again..... So much joy in the holiday season but for me it leaves me feeling lonely. Its a time that coules do a lot together..... And the lack of anyone to love me kills me.... The of course New Years Eve will come along.... 2006 arrives and couples everywhere kiss because that's just what you do... And me? Maybe ill get to kiss my noisemaker? I'm sure ill make it through like I have done the other years but its not exactly something I want to experience again. Then add to it someone's absolute love for Christmas and you not only have the lonliness but you have a flood of memories in my head...... *sigh*

All I want for Christmas is....... Love

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