Tuesday, November 01, 2005

11/01 [13:59] bblboy54: well, I did it
11/01 [13:59] robert: free?
11/01 [13:59] bblboy54: I just emailed my 2 weeks notice
11/01 [13:59] robert: you sat down on the bus like Rosa parks
11/01 [14:00] bblboy54: yea, I guess
11/01 [14:00] robert: it sounded like you were out of options and had given things a chance
11/01 [14:00] bblboy54: I tried my best.... just nothing else I could have done. The more I tried to resolve issues, the more they pushed back
11/01 [14:00] robert: and i totally sympathize
11/01 [14:01] bblboy54: Where do I go from here? I dont know.... but God will take care of that
11/01 [14:01] bblboy54: I'm scared.... my chest hurts.... but its what I needed to do
11/01 [14:01] robert: yup

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