Monday, November 28, 2005

So tomorrow I have an interview with Rackables at 1:30... and in mid-January I am going to be moving in with Keith in Herndon. I am really looking forward to all of this.... I completely belive that God is working things out.... but there are alot of people that are working hard for me.... people that accept me for who I am and care about me. Keith has been a very big part of the way things have gone.... Keith got me down in VA and got me to realize that I needed to start doing something and he pulled strings with Rackables and with Equinix and all of the above..... and actually, alot of his words I think made an impact on the way Carpathia changed some things..... I think this is going to be a really great arrangement.... Keith is by far someone that I can trust and someone that I definately get along with very well.....

I really love living down here... I am surrounded by great friends like Keith, Becca, Nate, and Kim.... and I'm a part of a great church..... I really honestly fit in for the first time in my life.... and I appriciate all of those people that make me feel welcome...... And of course, I appriciate all the people back in PA that are supporting me and praying for me.

There are alot of people in my life that are making a huge impact in my life.... and I thank all of them.... all of you..... for that!


Keith10247 said...

Darn toottin' right this will be a great thang. Man I score 2 monster sized cable spools on the side of the road. they were used to run fiber to the richer neighbohoods. I used the little bit of fiber left and looped it around my trunk lid and dropped it home. Im fixin to think we can fit about 10 of them there sumbitches around that table for next years thanksgiving. Wooooweeeey I can see it now...Roadkill buffet! Welp, off to soak my teeth for the night...i reckin'


Bob K Mertz said...

Bringing new meaning to the song "High Tech Redneck" .... BTW, I think you might really want to adjust the dose on your medicine :)