Monday, November 28, 2005

So tomorrow I have an interview with Rackables at 1:30... and in mid-January I am going to be moving in with Keith in Herndon. I am really looking forward to all of this.... I completely belive that God is working things out.... but there are alot of people that are working hard for me.... people that accept me for who I am and care about me. Keith has been a very big part of the way things have gone.... Keith got me down in VA and got me to realize that I needed to start doing something and he pulled strings with Rackables and with Equinix and all of the above..... and actually, alot of his words I think made an impact on the way Carpathia changed some things..... I think this is going to be a really great arrangement.... Keith is by far someone that I can trust and someone that I definately get along with very well.....

I really love living down here... I am surrounded by great friends like Keith, Becca, Nate, and Kim.... and I'm a part of a great church..... I really honestly fit in for the first time in my life.... and I appriciate all of those people that make me feel welcome...... And of course, I appriciate all the people back in PA that are supporting me and praying for me.

There are alot of people in my life that are making a huge impact in my life.... and I thank all of them.... all of you..... for that!

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Bob K Mertz said...

Bringing new meaning to the song "High Tech Redneck" .... BTW, I think you might really want to adjust the dose on your medicine :)