Sunday, November 27, 2005

I have a confession to make.... I am a lesbian!

Lol... ok, thats a real long story.... it was a crazy night to say the least.... but it was awesome. After work I went to Josh and Elisa's because Becca made dinner for all of us.... She's such a sweetie and now I can plainly see a really good cook too! It was a really great time. We just hung out for a while.... then Becca gave us these Christmas ornaments to decorate with what we were thankful for and we ended up all just signing each other's because, well, we are all thankful for each other. My group of friends are really amazing. The party broke up earlier than I expected but it turned out to be a really good thing. Keith had some samples of the one medicine I am taking so I needed to pick those up so I called him and asked if I could swing by and pick them up.... he asked me if I was doing anything later and, of course, I wasnt so he said that we should go into DC.... So thats what we did. I have lived here for almost a year now and the last time I was in DC was in 7th grade. This was actually my frist time on the Metro as well.... not really any diffrent than the NYC or Boston subway systems I have been on. We really had a good time... didnt really do much at all.... just got some Starbucks and walked around DuPont Circle (which, btw, seems worse than the Magic Kingdom in a few ways - you can read between the lines). One the metro on the way back to Vienna, he asked about my current lease and said that he was thinking of having me move in as a room mate (in his apartment in Herndon).... This is a really awesome thing I think... I havent given him the official word yet, but I'm leaning towards doing it. It will cut my costs a good bit plus it is only 10 mins from the data center and is also alot close to the church office (which is quite a drive from Leesburg). It's also a much nicer place and is really alot closer to all of my friends. Sure I may lose a little bit of freedom.... honestly, I have gotten very used to having my own place.... I like being able to do things my way, whenever I want, but its not like I cant be back in a room mate situation. It worked very well in Florida for me. The nice thing is that Keith and I have known each other for a good couple of years. He's been a great friend and its really awesome that we can talk to each other about things going on. It's truly a great relationship so I know that it could work well.... not to mention I totally trust him.

Definately a great night and I do have a bit to think about..... but the good news is, church is tomorrow!!!!! Did I ever mention that I love New Life? :) So, that means it's well past the time to get to bed. Goodnight all!


Bob K Mertz said...

Wait a second.... if your looking for a girl for me she needs to be gay and not lesbian because I am lesbian and like girls so she needs to be gay and like guys..... but if you find me a girl, I'll go back to DuPont anytime as long as she is with me :)

Bob K Mertz said...

It is confirmed.... you've got issues, keith! ok, well... maybe I do too?