Sunday, November 20, 2005

There is really a lot going on in my mind right now.... More than I can
even sort out. I've literally been having little parts of my life flash
back and I think about things that I'm even shocked I remember....

I don't have a clue what is going on with my life right now. I know
ultimately I'm in northern virginia because God wants me to be part of
New Life. But what about Carpathia? Was Carpathia just what God used
to get me here? Was I supposed to be here sooner? I was supposed to
move down here in May but that fell through and thankfully, I know that
wasn't because of me. Maybe someone else didn't take the leap God
wanted them to? I don't know..... But with Carpathia .... What's the
deal? Does God want me there for a while longer or is it just
temporary? Is God leading me into full time ministry? If so, when?
And there is some relation to what I'm going through at Carpathia and
what God is trying to teach me.... But what? I haven't made the
connection yet. Maybe that's why I'm still at Carpathia? Until I
figure it out and learn that lesson?

I've been taking huge leaps of faith recently and I'm sure I'm not done
yet.... But my God will take care of me.

So much going on..... So many thoughts.... But all for God!!

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