Monday, November 21, 2005

Its about freaking time!

Dell & AMD Deal

If/when this completes, I will finally have one vendor that I can recommend to most people. I think Dell is probably the best name-brand manufacturer and if they add the best core processors, then there is alot less reason for me not to recommend Dell.

GO AMD! :)

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Bob K Mertz said...

Could you give me a link to that laptop? I cant find any specs on HP's website for that specific model. I only found information on the ze2000 line which would include that but it seems like that is a very broad range as you can get AMD or Intel within that category. HP has never been one of my favorite brands but if you take into account the extremely low prices they've been having recently plus the AMD option (especially mobile 64bit), I think they are definately worth a good look at. A friend of mine just but a real nice system..... and she loves it... as do I :) Really, its going to boil down to price. Big question is whether you can find an averatec laptop with the same specs... generally its going to be cheaper and a good bit more supportable.... but if the HP beats that price, then I'd say go for it. A good place to check for Averatec laptops is ... great overstock/refurb place..... I've been dealing with them for years and have never had an issue with them.