Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scared? Yes
Appriciated? More apparently no then ever
Taken care of by God? Definately
Missed by Carpathia? Not a chance.

We had our meeting. I am actually really excited about where Carpathia is going but unfortunately, the enviornment they have created and continue to create are not for me... God commanded masters to be fair to their slaves but yet alot of big businesses dont follow this. It's not my position to judge them.... I do wish them the best.... As for accountability, I will leave that in the Hands of God. November 18th will be my last day with Carpathia. Where will I be working after that? I dont have the foggiest idea. I have no choice but to put 100% of my faith and trust in God.... maybe thats why this had to happen?

Please keep me in your prayers.... I am scared.

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