Friday, September 10, 2004

Youth recovering -

You know... I lived this story... I was there waiting for updates constantly as my cousin was "dying" .... and here it is more than 2 weeks later and we find this link and I sit here now with literal tears in my eyes..... It was said to me once that if God can save a young boy who got kicked in the head, he sure as heck can help you, Bob. Jesse truly is an inspiration to me.... at a time when I was starting to question my own Creator, He decided to save someone very close to me. I was at his house tonight helping my aunt with her computer. It is amazing how well Jesse is doing.... the more I write this, the more I cry... but I know God is going to do something with this whole family. We have been hurting so bad... Jesse and his accident, me and my problems.... and so many others that I dont write about in this blog. Its been a long time since I actually cried real tears.... it feels really good... especially when you think about what God did for my cousin.

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