Sunday, September 12, 2004

Yesterday was a really good day... even though I was mostly fixing computers, I really enjoyed it... plus, I got to have Chicken Caesar Labretti from Bentley hall... yes, I wanted to go back to LHU dinning hall.... but if you ever had one of those, you'd understand :)

Lori... well, yea... I had so many problems with her network that I wanted to scream... first the access point I bought for her doesnt work right so after fighting with that, its going back for RMA.... then I couldnt get the internet to work at all... I worked for hours and then figured out that Lori gave me the wrong username and password..... grrr.... but it wasnt all her fault... Verizon apparently authenticates ANY username and password and doesnt return a failure, it just doesnt let you get to the net.... why cant companies just stick with standards?

I got to see Nicole last night too.... I went over to her appartment for a while... I hadnt seen her in over 2 years I think.

And, nope, didnt see Tiff. Worse yet, she hasnt been online since I left yesterday afternoon.... which... well, jim's probably staying over night or something.... I was calm... well, Im gonna shut up... this is gonna do me no good.... I just wish I could have at least talked to her last night.... I know im not that important in her life.... maybe thats another thing I just have to accept?

Either way, yesterday was good. When I woke up this morning my fish were here for the new tank... 9 more Neon Tetras, 3 ghost shrimp and 2 snails. I put them all in and all of the tetras swam under the heater for a while... it was pretty funny... they are starting to be more active now... it may take a day.

I didnt get to go to church today.... I had scheduled some system changes on one of our client's networks today but we got about 20 mins into and realized it would be better to change those settings with me being local instead of remote so Wed it is.

Im gonna go for now.... maybe find something to eat. *shrug*

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