Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It was really great to hang out and relax with someone. It was really cool to see Diana again too.

Things are still very hectic in my mind. I'm getting a little more used to the fact that I have to go to Western Psych next week. My appt is on the 7th so I got about a week. Still a little nervous tho. This is all new to me.... I just wish other people would quit having solutions for me. Unless you have some kind of a degree AND you care about me I dont want to hear it. I have people that care, and I have people that have a degree.... Dr. Gaul is the only person that has both.... thats why I trust him.... and I will trust him on this decission to send me to Western Psych. This is definately a better place than Westmoreland's Comprehensive Counseling Center that I was in right after Christmas. We shouldnt see me being admitted this time.... but God only knows.

Well, even tho its 2am, I just got my shower and I am leaving for VA. I can not sleep worth a darn. My plan is start driving now... if I get 2 hours into the drive and get tired, i pull over and sleep. Either way, id rather cut the time im driving tired down as much as I can.

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