Monday, September 13, 2004

Its 6am and I havent gone to bed... this is not cool.... I have no choice but to pull a red eye. Ive been in a high swing all night.... just had to keep doing something. I forgot to take a dose of my medicine today so maybe thats why.... it does kinda suck but im sure ill be ok. My therapist is gonna love seeing me write 0 hours for sleep for tonight... or last night... or whatever it is... but hey, at least im not lying. It really isnt that big of a deal... just kinda sucks.

I also have hated this wondering whats up with Tiff right now. I have not heard from her since I talked to her on the phone friday night. I am trying so hard not to just start in with the Jim thing but I cant help it. Chances are she's somewhere with him or at least was.... and thats... argh... ill stop now... I just wish I'd hear from her.... I thought things were getting better....

Well, I guess im gonna get my shower and head to work... someone should be there by now.... I can catch up on some paperwork and stuff before we open. Have a good day everyone.

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