Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I'm Out!!

For those of you who didnt know, last tuesday I was admitted to UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital. I was just discharged this afternoon. (and it feels weird to type on a keyboard again).

Alot happened in that week... im sure outside as well as inside the hospital. This blog I am posting before I read ANY email, blogs, comments, etc. For one thing, my diagnosis has changed from BiPolar Disorder to Mood Disorder NOS. I am on completely different meds now and they seem to be helping so far. Things are looking good... we just gotta see what happens when some stress comes my way.

(I find it odd that Tiff was online when I booted my computer up but all of a sudden she's gone now... hmmm)

Truth is I have put things where they need to be... I got calls in the hospital from people I never thought would even care.... then again, I lacked visitors.... people who I thought cared alot more. all in all I learned alot about myself and others. It really was a needed experience for me. I cant say I ENJOYED my time in there, but it was definately needed. I start back at IOP tomorrow again.

Well, thats the news for now.... its onto reading emails and blogs and such.... *crosses fingers*

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