Monday, September 27, 2004

I really dont know where to start this evening..... or what to say..... my goal was to really seriously relax at bowling tonight... I needed it really bad....

A little history.... over the summer a couple, Joy and Dan broke up. Both bowled for Singing Church #1 and this season things got interesting. Joy joined our church.... throw in the fact that Dan is "not wrapped too tight" and you got a mess. Another team member invited Joy to bowl with us.

Well, tonight, that other team member was welcomed in the parking lot by threats and screaming from Dan. Dan also went towards Joy with various comments. To my knowledge the cops were called.

Where does this affect me? Honestly, I didnt think it did until I, no joke, started halucinating. I literally saw Dan standing behind me and my dad as my dad was talking about something different than what I thouht. My mind saw my dad talking about Dan while he was standing directly behind us..... the scary part was... I never saw Dan leave.... he was never there. No one else saw him. Leading up to that I heard people calling my name that werent there. It was really scary. This situation had me very very very scared for some reason. I dont know why really... It didnt really affect me... Well... Singing Church #1 made the decission to pull their team because a rule of their team was that to bowl on it you have to be a member of their church... Dan was recently thrown out of their church. They made the decission half way through the first game. After hearing that, I had to leave. I just was scared for what was going to happen... even tho nothing very well might... I dont know... I just had to get out of the enviornment and clear my head. I am feeling fine.... no problems otherwise. Just a little freaked out.

So much for a relaxing evening. I just hope this doesnt happen again. We are going to play next week by ear on whether I go or not. We'll see.

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